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A short animation video on ‘Happiness’ by Steve Cutts:


A conditioned mind is never a free mind. It holds you back and is controlled by fear and stress. It’s addicted to worrying, creates imaginary needs and it feeds on emotions.
A conditioned mind is scared of the unknown, seeks safety in the chains of society and keeps away from asking the right questions.

As we all know, we are descended from monkeys. Monkeys that had to survive in the wilderness by using their conditioned brains which constantly respond in fear or stress when the slightest rustle in the bushes occured.
Our minds evolved into a state where we can be aware of this fear, stress and other emotions.
But we don’t need to survive in that wilderness any more. That means we’re ready to tame our monkey brain. Tame it by being completely aware of the conditionned thoughts and feelings. Step back and be the observer of the mind. Just observe and restrain from acting on these feelings or thoughts. Most of them don’t serve us any more. Most of them create fear, stress and worries. And when we’re afraid or stressed, we are easily controlled. So start living a happy, free life and …

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