The Celestine Prophecy,  The Fifth Insight

About getting in ‘the zone’ and learning how to stay there… insight 5.

The Fifth Insight:

The message of the mystics.

‘The mystical zone’

Have you been there? In that magical, inspiring place we sometimes call ‘the zone’? You can get there by listening or playing your favorite music. You can get lost there while painting or creating art that comes from the heart. You can travel there while admiring the pure beauty of nature. It gives you this magical, floating feeling of being safe and coming home. You forget the time and place you are living in and it’s like you can literally touch infinity.

It’s a mystical place yet so familiar and it shows us the true nature of life. That it’s all about love, trust and compassion. Life shows us this portal to our higher selves from time to time and lets us experience the spirituality within us.

Getting pulled out of ‘the zone’.

These experiences show us a glimpse of the universal energy that surrounds us and that is within us. They remind us of the pure and loving energy that lives within everything that exists. And yet, we tend to get pulled out of ‘the zone’ quite easy. By our jobs, bills, obligations,… even just by time or your body that gets tired… In these moments mother earth pulls us back to her earthly energy and we let go of our higher selves for a while.

Integrating earthly and universal energy together

The fifth insight explains that it is possible to integrate ‘the zone’ into daily life. Yes, it’s possible to constantly be connected to the earthly energy and the universal energy at the same time. The key is to open up and learn how to tune in with them both. Living a life here on earth while constantly increasing your own vibrations by tuning in with your higher self.

It’s who you truly are.

For most people this is still a concept that exists only to dicuss or to debate. But during the past decades for more and more people this becomes a way of life. It needs courage and faith to trust the universe that it will guide you to right where you need to be. It starts with a small glimpse that creates a little curiosity. That curiosity brings the brave on their own spiritual path that feels so natural and safe that it makes a lot of sense. And while tuning in with the universal energy you’ll find your own purpose and the true meaning of your life.

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