The Celestine Prophecy,  The Second Insight

An insight that expands your historical perspective and clarifies a collective obsession.

The Celestine Prophecy is a book written by James Redfield, about a search for the meaning of the first 9 insights on the path of spirituality. It describes a number of spiritual truths and it’s written in the form of a novel. The story is about a man who travels to Peru to start an exciting queste for the content and meaning of a forbidden manuscript. The manuscript contains 9 insights that would lead to a great shift in the culture of our society, here in the west.
In each chapter a new insight emerges and in this series of blog posts I will discuss every insight in the book.

The Second Insight:

A total expansion of our historical perspective
and a clear view on a collective obsession.

During history lessons in school we learn about facts and events that took place in the past. The goal of these history classes is to develope knowledge about the origins of our cultures, politics, society, religions… and to understand the concept of (life)time and periods.

The second insight in this book takes these history lessons to a whole new level. It invites you to go back in time a 1000 years and envision all these years, untill now, as if it is your own lifetime. You where there a 1000 years ago and lived and evolved through all those decades. The book helps you to envision it in a very clear way. I do a slightly shorter version in mainly my own words and afterwards I add a short explanation of the situation here and now:

Your life from a 1000 years ago until now.

So, imagine yourself, your a thousand years from now, the Middle Ages. Your religion defines the purpose of your life. Your main goal is to live a modest, sincere and sinless life so you can have a beautiful and peaceful after life with God in heaven. This is all that matters and this purpose lives in the hearts of every one you know. Life is one big test and if you pass this test, you’ll have a blessed after life. During this test, the devil is there to put against small and big challenges. And if you fail, he’ll take you with him to hell when you die.
Everything is God; the weather, love, a good or bad harvest, the death of a loved one… everything is an act of God. It’s a deep spiritual life. Your faith is strong and it gives you hope. Your devoted to God, because he’s the meaning of life and your life is one big spiritual test.
You yourself are not your own jugde of good or bad. No, … the church and its priests and bishops are the one and only connection between you and God and they speak through God, Who decides your fate. Only church has access to the Bible and holy scriptures and it has a great influence on yours and every ones’ way of thinking.

But one day (+/- 400 years later) your faith starts to crumble. You discover inappropiate behavior of church itself. You notice that some of the members of church are being unchaste and some accept bribe money from government officials to look the other way. This scares you very much because they are your only connection with God and your only way to salvation.
One moment later you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a rebellion led by Martin Luther. The people, and you, want to disconnect from the corrupt church and they want to end dominion over the peoples’ minds. The church has lost its credibility and looses a lot of followers.
New churches arise where people themselves claim access to the Bible and other holy scriptures. But this is not the only thing that changes. Due to the corrupt behavior of church, people start to question the prevailing view of the nature of the universe and the purpose of humanity. This all was based on the description that church had given and now it all seems like one big lie. You feel like your purpose is fading. This is a very heavy blow and you now feel extremely insecure.

In the 17th century, scientists discovered that stars and the sun didn’t move around the earth, but earth was just a little planet in the galaxy that moved around the sun. Earth wasn’t the center of Gods universe any more. You weren’t the center of Gods universe any more… and this is devastating. You realize that the weather, love, a good or bad harvest, the death of a loved one… nothing is the act of God. Now you completely lost your pupose. You lost your believe that God was the ruler of the universe, and you aren’t sure of the nature of God any more. Everything you ever took for granted has to be redefined. And it is science that brings you to new insights so you decide to trust science to find a new concept of God and the true meaning of life.
Also explorers where sent on this same queste and started traveling the whole world.

But both scientists and explorers didn’t come up with an answer. What scientists did find where a lot of different ways to make ourselves comfortable while waiting. So, you did. You started to manipulate the world in your own benefit. As long as you didn’t have spiritual security you decided to replace it by worldly and economic security. You upgraded your standard of living, increased your sense of security and started to conquer the world. This you did for 4 centuries long! It became a collective obsession and now every one forgot that we still don’t know why we live, why we exist.

It’s time to wake up from this obsession.

At one point in the book, the main character asks ‘But what’s wrong with this? This is what made the west so great.’
I think this is a very important question, because the answer is ‘There’s nothing wrong with this. It all needed to happen.’.

If you look at it from a small distance you can see this obsession of today happening very clearly. How many people do you know who are obsessed by their work, and who have stress related illnesses but can’t slow down. They can’t slow down because they can only relax routinely and they hollow out their lives to just the practical side of it. As long as they’re not reminded of how insecure they are about why they live.

The big consequence of this obsession is that we find ourselves again in a situation where our thinking is determined by other things than ourselves. Our mind is filled with created needs and conditioned thoughts, all to serve society. From the moment of our birth we get caught into the blinding illusions of society. Without knowing, we all become obsessed by it.
We gave up our spiritual security for the comfort and possibilities science has given us. We took every opportunity we got and now we are overpowered by all these opportunities. It’s our obsession with society that controls our lives. It makes us restless beings. It’s destroying our earth and our happiness. It created division and distrust among humanity and it only serves the big machine we call society.

That’s why the next step for humanity is to wake up from this obsession. And that’s happening right now. Whe’re comfortable enough and the time has come that we start to show nature a little more respect and that we are grateful for the abundance and protection she gives us. We will trust each other again, start working together and reconnect. Find genuine love in ourselves and spread it all over the world.

Trust that humanity is starting to open its eyes and wake up to start a brand new day…
Trust that time will heal and bring wisdom…
Trust that the security you find in the comforts of society, is also found in a spiritual life…
Trust that this awakening… is just the beginning…
Trust that you’re not alone…

… I promise.

With Love,
Fresh P.

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