The Celestine Prophecy,  The First Insight

The Celestine Prophecy: The first insight explained.

The Celestine Prophecy is a book written by James Redfield, about a search for the meaning of the first 9 insights on the path of spirituality. It describes a number of spiritual truths and it’s written in the form of a novel. The story is about a man who travels to Peru to start an exciting queste for the content and meaning of a forbidden manuscript. The manuscript contains 9 insights that would lead to a great shift in the culture of our society, here in the west.
In each chapter a new insight emerges and in this series of blog posts I will discuss every insight in the book.

The First Insight:

Being conscious of the so called ‘coincidences’ in life.

This is where it all starts:

The occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection: coincidence.

Religious people say it’s ‘Gods’ work’, scientists call it ‘coincidence’.
Fact is, we’ve all experienced it more than once. Especially when life becomes more intense and our feelings get a deeper connection with our inner selves, ex. when we fall in love or when a loved one dies,… In these moments, we tend to be more conscious of the ‘coincidences’.

Think about the most exciting times (good or bad) in your life for a moment. Did you ever look up at the sky and said ‘thank you’, because something happened in your life that made you feel like you got some help from ‘above’?
Or maybe a moment in your life when you began a new project and you suddenly started to meet the right people who could help you with your project. ‘What a coincidence!’ you’d say, or ‘What a perfect timing!’

This also occurs with less fun events. For example, unforeseen events that hold you back from what you are trying to do, from the goals you’re trying to reach. Little ‘signs’ that make you say ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’ But you couldn’t explain where the signs come from and why they were connected… but they were. And that one moment you decided to follow your guts, and wonder by wonder, you dodged a disaster!

Fully aware of connected coincidences

The first insight is not about just noticing these coincidences, it’s about noticing and being fully aware of them. You’re drawn to something, passionate about that one thing… that’s no coincidence. You decide to follow that passion and suddenly you randomly meet people who share your passion… that’s no coincidence. Your hiking on a mountain and suddenly you feel like you really want to go back. So you go back and 15 min. later there’s a heavy storm right where you were hiking… that’s no coincidence…

And not only in your own life, no, of also happens in the lives of all the people in the world.
The more you are aware of these coincidences happening in your own life, the more you’ll see it happening in other peoples’ lives too. Your partner, your children, your friends, your family, your collegues, your neighbors, the whole city, the whole country, and yess,,, the whole world.
Soon you will notice that nothing is coincidence, that you are where you are, and you are there for a reason. You meet certain people for a reason. Wether its just a tiny, small thing you need to see or a very big change you need to go through. Everything happens for a reason.

Even the most critical people…

These days it even reaches the most critical people who say: ‘I really don’t believe in a god, but I do believe there’s something higher than us.’ Yep, they have to ‘admit’ that these coincidences happen too often to just be coincidences. Even the most critical people among us develop this small believe in ‘something higher than us’.
That, my dear reader, is the direct consequence of experiencing a number of ‘coincidences’. And from the moment you start being fully aware of them, they become your destiny. And knowing your destiny brings a bright spark of inner peace and hope that there is a deeper meaning of life. And from the moment that enough people start to ask themselves: “What is that greater meaning of life?”, from that moment we are triggering a great shift in the culture of our society.

With Love,
Fresh P.

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