The Celestine Prophecy,  The Fourth Insight

The struggle for power… insight 4.

I am reading the book ‘The Celestine Prophecy’, and in a series of blog posts I am writing down my own findings and interpretations on the different insights that are described in this beautiful spiritual story. This blog post is about the fourth insight…power.

The Fourth Insight:

The struggle for power.

Stealing Energy

We steal energy from each other in our every day interactions. This act is the source of every conflict because at some point the loser of the energy doesn’t have enough energy to give away and than lashes out. Each interaction has a winner and a loser. We would say anything to win and gain energy from someone else. It feels very satisfying and gives a psychological boost to have your viewpoint prevail.

Arguments on ideas, arguments on sports, arguments on work, other peoples’ behaviour, other peoples’ looks… we keep fighting to gain our right and to make sure that every one around us subscribes to the reality that we subscribe for. We want to control reality. And we all do it in one way or another. In almost every conversation we try to compare and synchronize our version of reality with the reality of another person. And sometimes it’s even more subtle than that. Sometimes we say tiny, subtle things just to make the other person feel bad so we can feed of the energy of that person.

Most people are unaware that we steal other people’s energy. And some of them even go about their lives in a hunt for other people’s energy without realizing it. Sometimes with ‘tough love’ we say we’re doing things for some one’s own good. But the bad experience that we put that person through does not stop the loss of energy that they experience.

Giving Energy

There are also people who volunteerly give away their energy to others, and this is nice, but people aren’t strong enough to keep doing this. Soo, in one way or another, this ends up in conflict.
Think about two friends. The first friend is the one that always listens to the other friend so the other friend can vent about his work, parents, partner… The first friend volunteerly gives away his energy to the other by listening and showing understanding but he may have his own stuff he wants to vent out. And if the other friend is so conditioned to having that one way street, and he’s not prepared to meet the first friend half way, there might be some kind of a conflict. It damages their relationship and the first friend might go feed of the energy of a third friend by complaining about the other. You can only give your energy away for so long and at some point, when you’re almost out of energy, you’ll need to get some from another person… if your method of requiring energy is the ‘person-to-person method’.

Using (Psychological) Violence

We all know that humans are violent towards one another, but why? Because of the constant competition for the scares human-to-human energy. Origins of conflict, being dominated, lashing out, controlling others… and than you pass this down to your children and the cycle repeats. When we control another human being, we receive their energy. We fill up at the others expense. And that filling up is the motivator. The satisfaction we feel after succesfully manipulating another person to our own reality, either in a nice or a violent way, gives us the illusion of ‘doing what’s best for ourselves’. And because of this satisfaction, we’ll always keep seeking for more of that energy. Most of the time in a psychological violent way. And the human-to-human energy is so scares that people are willing to fight and destroy others for it.

The Universal Energy

The third insight revealed to us that the universe is a vast system of energy. The fourth insight reveals that people are competing for scares person-to-person energy, which is the source of all conflict. From petty arguments to large scale wars. When people realize this, they will seek other sources. They will seek the universal source of energy, an abundant source… Harvesting this abundant source will significantly reduce human-to-human conflict and enable us to experience our higher self.

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